No matter how simple or complex, all building projects follow the same path of concept design, design development, construction documentation and construction.

We can provide a range of partial architectural services through to the 'traditional' Full service, which includes all the core architectural services of concept design, design development, construction documentation and contract administration.

The process of building also includes a variety of tasks and services which can include:

  • Liaising with authorities
  • Liaising with other specialist consultants
  • As-existing site and building information (where renovating)
  • Planning and building approvals
  • Special approvals (such as Heritage approval)
  • Cost estimates and keeping to budget
  • Design selections
  • Materials selections
  • Building contract selection
  • Selecting a builder
  • Assessing the quality of building work and construction payments
  • A myriad of questions and unexpected issues during construction

We can provide all of the above on your behalf and assist you throughout the process.

Your project is likely to require the services of other specialist consultants, such as:

  • A town planner
  • A surveyor
  • A structural engineer
  • A building certifier

We strongly believe it is prudent to confirm costs at every main stage of a project and proceed with the certainty and understanding this can provide. Progressive, independent cost estimates through the course of the project reduces the risk of the project cost exceeding your expectations.

Watson Architects has good working relationships with a select group of specialist consultants which helps provide a smooth collaborative process. We can source the consultants for you and coordinate their services.

Watson Architects has worked with a select group of builders which could be used as part of a limited tender for your project. Where possible, we try to match quality builders that are the best fit for your project.

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Sustainable design

Sustainable design

We believe in the need and value of an environmentally responsible approach to design.

We approach our designs with a view towards providing a passively designed building, one that minimises or excludes the need for artificial heating and cooling. Our services include reviewing the design through understanding the immediate site and environment; and looking at the design’s opportunities for orientation, breezes, ventilation, shading and water harvesting.

We also aim to include environmentally efficient and sustainable approaches through:

  • the selection of appropriate materials (thermal mass, embodied energy)
  • renewable energy
  • Design resilience & durability
  • Recycling / adapting / re-using
  • Liveability and future proofing

We look for practical, low-tech solutions that become part of the design. We seek ways to enhance sustainable outcomes for both the client and the environment.

Heritage consultancy

Heritage consultancy

Watson Architects provides expertise in conservation and adaptive re-use of existing buildings (heritage- registered buildings and others).

Watson Architects offers conservation / heritage services and experience in:

  • Conservation and adaptive re-use of historic and existing buildings
  • Conservation / heritage consultancy advice
  • Conservation Management Plans and policies
  • Statements of Cultural Heritage Impact (Heritage Impact Statements)
  • Conservation Management Protocols
  • Measured drawings and archival documentation

The methodology adopted for conservation projects follows the principles and guidelines expressed in The Australian ICOMOS Charter for the Conservation of Places of Cultural Significance (The Burra Charter).

As Heritage consultants, we provide consultancy advice to our clients on heritage-registered buildings and liaise with the Local Council or State Government Heritage authorities. Our services can include written advice, meetings with the authorities and/or the preparation of Heritage Impact Statements or Conservation Management Plans.

Clients have included private residential clients, architectural practices, commercial developers and Local Authorities (Brisbane City Council, Somerset Regional Council).

The Director, Andrew Watson, has specialist qualifications in architectural conservation from the Institute of Advanced Architectural Studies, University of York, UK.

He has been a board member of The National Trust of Queensland and is a member of Australia ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites). He has also been involved with Brisbane City Council’s Heritage Unit in Neighbourhood Planning Character & Heritage Assessment.

The practice has well established relationships with the Brisbane City Council (City Architecture & Heritage Team) and the Heritage Branch of the State Government (Department of Heritage and Protection).

View our Heritage Consultancy Experience Portfolio.

Expert / reports

Expert statements / reports

Andrew Watson has been involved in a variety of legal expert advice services, including court appearances, preparation of Expert Reports and mediation. A brief summary of past experience includes:

  • Engaged as a Heritage and Character expert architect as part of a mediation hearing for a Development application involving a 'character' streetscape.
  • Preparation of an expert report to address subfloor damp and moisture issues, causing the failure of a timber floor finish.
  • Preparation of two separate expert reports addressing roof leaks and heritage issues for two separate Qld State heritage-registered buildings.
  • Preparation of an expert statement in defence of a development approval by Brisbane City Council for a proposed residential development.
  • Preparation of an expert report for proposed alterations to a Heritage Place.
  • Engaged to review a Qld Building & Construction Commission (QBCC) decision to rectify defective building work.
  • Providing expert evidence in court.

More specific information on the above can be provided on request.


Watson Architects offers services and experience in:

  • Residential projects
    • new design
    • alterations and additions
  • Conservation and adaptive re-use of heritage and existing buildings
  • Architectural advice in town planning and assessment matters
  • Conservation / heritage consultancy advice
  • Environmentally sound and sustainable design
  • Commercial developments
  • Expert witness work