The benefits of contract administration

Construction projects almost never run smoothly without unexpected issues arising.

Contract Administration is the final part of the traditional full architectural service, which allows the architect to impartially administer the building contract on your behalf.

We can provide this role for you. Our role through the building contract is to:

  1. Act as your advisor, as a professional with specialist knowledge about design and construction.
  2. Act as your agent, dealing with the builder on your behalf.
  3. Assist both parties and administer the building contract while remaining impartial.

We can inspect the quality of the building work through the construction period in a fair and impartial way.

We can manage both contractual issues and construction issues that arise through the building process, such as:

  • Arranging the building contract
  • Site inspections
  • Dealing with the unexpected
  • Providing additional design solutions for the unexpected
  • Queries from the builder
  • Queries from the client
  • Dealing with Variations and their implications on time, cost and design outcome
  • Contingency sums for the unexpected
  • Monitoring costs and progress payment assessments
  • Determining if the works generally accord with the contract documents
  • Practical completion
  • Determining and assessing defects
  • Liquidated damages
  • Final completion

We can deal with questions that may be outside your area of expertise, keep you informed and provide recommendations with clear explanations.

We can mediate between you and the builder on variations and other issues that may arise on site, reducing on-site friction and making sure that what is being asked by both parties is fair and reasonable.

The architect's role of contract administrator helps to protect your interests through the construction period and provide the outcome that you seek without the potential stress and anxiety of dealing direct with the builder.


Watson Architects offers services and experience in:

  • Residential projects
    • new design
    • alterations and additions
  • Conservation and adaptive re-use of heritage and existing buildings
  • Architectural advice in town planning and assessment matters
  • Conservation / heritage consultancy advice
  • Environmentally sound and sustainable design
  • Commercial developments
  • Expert witness work