About us


Watson Architects is an experienced Brisbane-based small practice established in 2007 focusing on three principle interests in architecture:

  • Architectural design
  • Sustainable design
  • Conservation (heritage and adaptive re-use)

Much of our work comes through referrals from previous clients, other architects, and builders.

Why an architect?

Architects are more than just designers; they provide services that go far beyond drawings…Working with an architect means working with a professional who can deliver creative spaces that are cost-effective and match both your style and needs. Creative thinking, highly developed problem-solving skills, attention to detail and understanding of functional performance underpin everything an architect does.

Differences between an Architect and other designers

Although an architect and other designers may design residential buildings, they differ in their skills, qualifications, education, professionalism, and extent of service.

With five years of university training, mandatory practical experience [2 more years] and a registration exam, architects are uniquely equipped to manage your entire design project for you, to see it through the whole construction process and ensure its success.

The use of the title “architect’ is protected by law and can only be used by persons registered with the Board of Architects of Queensland. Architects can be held accountable for their professional conduct and must:

  • abide by the Board of Architects of Queensland Code of Practice;
  • maintain professional indemnity insurance; and
  • undertake continuing architectural professional development.

This professional education, registration, and regulated code of practice separates architects from less-qualified building designers.

Other designers such as ‘building designers’, are typically less-qualified, receive less formal architectural education and in many states of Australia, can operate with no qualifications or credentials. They are not always bound by registration or licencing requirements (although a Building Design Licence is required in Qld).

An architect will work with you differently to other designers, which may take more time, ensuring the design and the documentation is right for your needs.

The design is paramount and is the architect’s speciality. An architect can bring a holistic view to your project and work with you from start to finish, to get the best design and overall outcome for your property

The nature, difficulty, and scale of the project should be considered when making your choice of designer. Ultimately you will choose who you believe is the best fit for you. You should research the experience and past projects of the designers, and understand their design style, what you need, and the extent of help you require.